Adult Lingerie – So What Is It?

March 23rd, 2011

Sexy lingerieThere are different terms used to describe Lingerie in todays world.

Adult Lingerie , Sexy Lingerie , Erotic Lingerie , Sensual Lingerie, Naughty and Hot Lingerie, just to name a few. Lingerie is used as a word meaning underwear for women, especially if the undergarments in question are intended to be erotic and sexy. The word adult lingerie derives from the French word ‘linge’, which simply means ‘washables.’

For most people in the English-speaking world, lingerie means sexy underwear for women, and it covers a wide variety of different garments. Some well-known types of adult lingerie include Panties (Knickers) , Stockings, Bras, Negligees and Corsets. Less well-known types include Chemises , Teddys and Thongs.

All types of adult lingerie items have certain things in common:

They look good: arguably, this is the dividing line between adult lingerie and mere underwear. While underwear is typically designed first to be functional, and only then to look good, adult lingerie is designed with aesthetic considerations first and foremost. It’s intended to look good – except when it’s intended to look amazing!

Adult lingerie is generally made from the finest fabrics, including lycra, satin, silk, lace and nylon tricot. As the border between adult lingerie and fetish wear is approached, these fabrics may also include leather and vinyl . This is another way to distinguish between adult lingerie and underwear – underwear is commonly made from cotton or polyester. There is simply better materials used, that feel better against skin.

Adult Lingerie is generally intended to be worn as underwear. It’s generally assumed that it will only be seen in private – or intimate – situations. For this reason, adult lingerie sometimes includes gaps or holes in the fabric, intended to display parts of the body usually hidden by normal underwear, in order to tease and arouse. In todays world, women like to wear lingerie in everyday occasions, as it feels good, and generally makes them feel better about themselves, feeling sexy wearing adult lingerie .

Some types of adult lingerie are intended to modify the shape of the wearer’s body. While this is true, to some extent, of all brassieres, the effect is often more pronounced in adult lingerie items. Aside from bras, the garments that do reshape the body are all considered adult lingerie : corsets , corsages and bustiers , for example.

In recent years, the range of adult lingerie sold has grown enormously. There are now a range of garments in more different styles and in more different colours than at any previous point in history. Moreover, the range of sizes for Adult Lingerie has greatly increased: adult lingerie can now be purchased in more different body sizes than ever before.

Nowhere is this more true than for brassieres . Unlike most undergarments, brassieres have several different measurements which can vary completely independently of each other. Bust size, band size and cup size must all be measured separately, because only then will a truly comfortable fit be achieved. Brassieres made asadult lingerie rather than underwear are generally better at this: they’re high end products whose manufacturers understand that the women who wear them want to feel sexy and free, not confined and uncomfortable, and thus, adult lingerie brassieres are often not merely better looking but also better fitting and better feeling.

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